Devorah Channah

The World Through My Eyes...

[The Seas Say:]

More than the voices of many waters,
Mightier than the waves of the seas,
You are mighty on high, HaShem.
(Tehillim 93:4)

G-d dwells beyond human perception, in a lofty realm that is higher than man's comprehension.  However, due to the "voices of many waters, the mighty breakers of the sea," it is made known to everyone that HaShem on high is mighty.  G-d is overwhelmingly powerful in His realm on high. Nothing on earth is more powerful than the raging sea -tidal waves and storms can wash away everything in their path. How much more powerful is He Who made them?

This is their song: "O mortal man, always remember the only true source of power."

[-MeAm Lo'Ez, Perek Shira]

Devorah Channah

Seeking internal holiness - striving, BE"H, to prepare this vessel for that holiness.