Devorah Channah

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[The Day Says]

Day to day utters speech
and night to night expresses knowledge.

(Tehillim 19:3)

The works of creation are renewed day by day.  In the evening the sun sets and in the morning it rises, which inspires men to words of praise.  It is as if by teaching man to utter songs of acclaim and thanskgiving, the days and nights themselves "utter speech."   Renewal of Creation every day makes it plain that this pattern cannot be due to chance, and every man perceives this manifestation of G-d's might.

"And night to night expresses knowledge."  Night, when nature reposes, is the time for thought and contemplation. Men ponder the things they saw and heard during the day, and arrive at knowledge of G-d.

According to Midrash, day and night are models of honesty and symbols of trust. In spring and summer months, the days are longer and borrows hours from the night. In fall and winter months the days are shorter and the day returns the borrowed hours to the night. Day and night teach that people should share what they have and be confident that G-d will not leave them.

[-MeAm Lo'ez, Rabbi Scherman, Perek Shira]

Devorah Channah

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