Devorah Channah

The World Through My Eyes...

[Gan Eden Says:]

Awake from the north and come from the south!
Blow upon My garden. let its spices flow.
Let my beloved come to his garden and eat its precious fruit.
-Shir HaShirim 4:16
"North wind" represents the human desire for physical pleasure and gratification; the "south wind" represents the soul's longing for spiritual fulfillment. Man is suppose to elevate the earth's gardens to serve the highest spiritual calling.

Adam and Chavah were given the perfect setting for this task in Gan Eden but they failed and were banished from the Garden.

Gan Eden remains in G-d's plan, where both winds will be combined for the enjoyment of ultimate aroma and fruit of holiness.  

[-Rabbi Scherman, Perek Shira]

[The Earth Says:]

Hashem's is the earth and its fullness,
the inhabited land and those who dwell in it.
(Tehillim 24:1)

And the verse says:
From the edge of the earth we have heard songs,
"Glory for the righteous"
(Yeshayahu 24:16)

The purpose of Creation is to establish the kingship of G-d in the world.  Just as the moon is barren and empty, so too the earth would be if G-d had not filled it with all that is needed for life and populated it with people and creatures. Why?  So that its inhabitants would recoginize that we are here to make the earth beautiful and use its goodness to cede it back to the One Who put us here.

When this is done then the Earth's Song is sung and fulfills the purpose of its creation.

-[Perek Shira, MeAm Lo'ez]

Devorah Channah

Seeking internal holiness - striving, BE"H, to prepare this vessel for that holiness.