Devorah Channah

The World Through My Eyes...

(Arugot River - Ein Gedi, Israel)

[The Rivers Say:]

Rivers will clap hands,
Mountains will rejoice in song together.
(Tehillim 98:8)
Referring to the messianic era, at that time those who dwell by the rivers will clap hands out of great happiness, thus Scripture says, "They clapped their hands, and said: 'Long live the king!'" (1Melachim 11:12)  "Let the mountains rejoice in song together"...if until now some trees were barren and only the fruit-bearing trees rejoiced in song (96:12), at the time of the Redemption all trees will bear fruit.  Even barren trees on the "mountains" will "rejoice in song together" with other trees.

Snow-capped mountians feed the rivers and in turn they flow and water the earth. Together they exult and clap their hands in joy for they are privileged to perform the mission for which they were created. Rivers symbolize the multitudes with mountains being their leaders. When people and their leaders are united in serving G-d, they clap their hands and sing for joy, for they serve the world and their Creator.

[-MeAm Lo'ez, Rabbi Scherman, Perek Shira]

Devorah Channah

Seeking internal holiness - striving, BE"H, to prepare this vessel for that holiness.