Devorah Channah

The World Through My Eyes...

[Jordan River, Israel]

[The Streams Say:]

But singers as well as flutists (dancers),
all My wellsprings are in you (O Tziyon)
(Tehillim 87:7)

"All My wellsprings (thoughts) and providence "are in you" in Tziyon.  Also, "All My wellsprings (fountains)" of wisdom "are in you."  All the fountains of wisdom that I draw from, are found "in you" - in Tziyon.  "Therefore with joy will you draw water out of the wells of deliverance" (Yeshayahu 12:3).

Just as wellspring brings forth new waters every moment, so the people of Yisrael chant songs every moment.  Thus it says, "And singers and dancers, all my fountains are in You." Wellsprings bubble with fresh water all day and night. Yisrael, too, never ceases to praise G-d for His goodness and for giving us the privilige of serving Him. Our music is the wellspring embodied in Torah and good deeds.

[-MeAm Lo'ez, Perek Shira-


Devorah Channah

Seeking internal holiness - striving, BE"H, to prepare this vessel for that holiness.